Seminars in High Schools

Scientists of the CFP Unit ofrer seminars to high school students, given in their own high school. The talks focus on fundamental physics, both experimental and observational, and are related to our fields of research. 
We are involved in international research projects in the frontier of Physics in order to unravel the secrets of nature: we study the LHC collisioons to characterize the recently discovered Higgs boson and to search for other new particles; we participate in scientific computing projects related to LHC (Grid); in other experiments we investigate the properties of neutrinos, elusive subatomic particles; we carry on observations to unveil the mistery of the expansion of the universe, dark matter and dark energy;  we investigate star evolution (supernovae and black holes); and we even perform experiments to discover the origin and composition of the cosmic rays, trying to find dark matter and the missing antimatter of the universe, both in the International Space Station and with observatories on Earth.
Requests for talks must be done by teachers via this web page. The registration will be open from Septembre 24th to October 12th. In case you do not know what precise topic you would like to be covered in the talk, fell free to ask for few topics. We will inform you by email with the relevante information, like the speaker name and topic. Speaker and teacher are expected to arrange together the details of the seminar, keeping in mind the level and orientation of the students (science, humanities, course, and so on).
The talks are free and can be imparted either in English or Spanish. Some speakers may offer the possibility of doing it also in French or Italian.