CFP in the media

Clara Cuesta in Spain up and down (42:00) Interview in RNE1 July 2017
Mercedes Mollá in The mechanics of the snail (36:50) Interview in Radio Euskadi June 2017
Pablo García Abia in Sustainable and renewable Interview in Radio 5 March 2017
Isabel Josa and Begoña de la Cruz in Sustainable and renewable (10:45) Interview in Radio 5 Febrero 2017
Carmen Palomares in Money and life (55:25) Interview in Capital Radio February 2017
Carmen Palomares in In the shoulders of giants Interview in RNE1 February 2017
Begoña de la Cruz in Talking about my stuff Interview in RNE1 September 2016
María de Maeztu accreditation for CIEMAT - Particle Physics Vértices Magazin July 2016
Midiendo la expansión del universo desde el CIEMAT Vértices Magazin July 2016