This board has been designed to check the continuity of some cables used in the CMS detector (OBDT proto v1 connector of 68 pins to two Yamaichi NFP-34A-0112BF). However, it could be used for other purpouses.

FRESCA board is designed to be connected on top of the FMC XM105 Xilinx debug board. The XM105 board is a expansion board that plugs into the FMC connector of evaluation boards such as the Xilinx Virtex 6 ML605 evaluation board. It collects several signals from this connector and forwards them to different Yamaichi NFP-34A-0112BF.

The firmware provided, when downloaded to the Xilinx Virtex 6 evaluation board, allows to test the continuity of the cables plugged to the board.



This PCB has been designed using Altium.