Oureach and science promotion

Our group firmly believes in scientific outreach as a fundamental pillar in order to build an informed society aware of the importance of scientific and technological advances in our world. For this reason, our staff dedicates a considerable effort to the organization of numerous public events such as courses, seminars, conferences, etc., being pioneers and promoters of numerous initiatives both at CIEMAT and at the national level.

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CFP outreach working group. Contact: cfp.divulgacion@ciemat.es

If you are interested in our activities, please send us an email   and we will add you to our outreach mailing list.



High School seminars

Particle Physics Masterclass

Day of Girls and Women in Science

4º ESO + Enterprise

Science Week

European Researchers' Night


Dark Matter Day



Other activities

Educational activities

Below you can find some of our educational activities for non-researchers. For more details about other formative activities please consult the Education Working Group website

Other resources

CFP en los medios

Scientific conferences and workshops

CFP Seminars (detail)


CFP members outreach activities. Summaries : 

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