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International Masterclass of Particle Physics

The International Masterclass of Particle Physics will take place at CIEMAT on March 8 and at the IFT on April 6. In these links you have more information and the registration form, which is joint for IFT and CIEMAT.


Days of Women and Girls in Science

The activities commemorating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11) took place at CIEMAT from February 8 to 10. Information at this link.


Seminars in High Schools

We give seminars in High Schools about particle and astroparticle physics, cosmology, astrophysics and scientific computing. The lectures are intended to students in 1st and 2nd courses of Bachillerato and, in some cases, in 4th of ESO. This seminars cycle is organized together with CPAN.

Particle physics masterclasses

Twice a year we host particle physics masterclasses, one during the Science Week in November, another in February organized jointly with CERN. In the masterclass, students in the 2nd course of Bachillerato come to CIEMAT to preform a practical analysis of real data from the CMS experiment at CERN.

4th ESO + Enterprise

Students in the 4th course of ESO can visit CIEMAT for few days and learn first hand the fundamental and technological research performed in our centre. Within this programme, the students visit our Unit and do some practicals related to particle physics and scientific computing.