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Opening of 4 pre-doctoral positions (4-year PhD contracts) for outstanding young MSc graduates interested in working in CIEMAT-FP group activities towards a PhD Thesis. Applications deadline is October 27th.

  • PID2019-104114RB-C31: Scientific exploitation of MAGIC and the first telescopes of CTA. Contact: Juan Cortina (, Carlos Delgado (
  • PID2019-104676GB-C31: Neutrino physics. Contact: Inés Gil (
  • PID2019-107988GB-C21: Cosmic Ray Physics and Space Instrumentation. Contact: Jorge Casaus (, Gustavo Martinez (
  • PID2019-110942RB-C21: Scientific Computing for Particle Physics at the High Luminosity LHCContact: J. M. Hernández (; Josep Flix (

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